My Journey Begins

Greetings all. My name is Gretel and I currently reside at Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter

Gretel the cat
Mum to be, Gretel

I came in as a stray with my friend Hansel. I came in with a big belly as I am expecting a litter of kittens. I saw the vet not long after arriving and they said I may be a week or so off becoming a mum.

I am told I am the first of many expectant or new queens that will come through the shelter in the coming months. The staff here are taking such good care of me, making sure I am warm, comfortable and have plenty of food and fresh water. I just know they will do the same for every other cat that will come through the doors.

Whilst I was having a cuddle with the manager Claire today, she said it would be a fun and informative idea, to document my journey to motherhood. Supporters of WARS can then follow my progress, see the work that the staff here do to care for us all and hopefully raise awareness towards the plight of stray cats like me and the impact caring for us has on the resources of animal charities all over the UK.

Follow my story on the My Journey page.

If you would like to help WARS by donating towards the cost of caring for me and all the other cats, kittens and dogs, that come in to WARS, you can click on the donate button at the side of the page.

Thank you all and keep coming back to see how I get on with my new additions.